Putting Off Dreams is For Suckers Follow Your Heart Because Life is Short @DV8 #expat #ratrace

@DV8 #expat #ratrace #matrix #philippines #usa

This episode is updating you on myself and my friends condition.

I came back to my area to find out my best buddy is in a coma and on life support.

I have been visiting him and helping his wife sort out his affairs these last few days.

I will be making an in-depth video explaining the situation and how this came about and why this is so devastating.

As my buddy was planning on being in the Philippines with me.

This video is not meant to make anyone sad or make anyone feel bad this is reality.

This is happening to me in real time me and my buddy Darrell have been planning on going to the for over 1 year.

Excuses and possessions have held him and me back from living out our dreams.

Stay tuned and please pray for my friend, thank you everybody.38

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